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Coming down with a winter cold?

With winter on the way, it is time to check the medicine cupboard for essential remedies for coughs and colds. Wintry coughs can be eased with a variety of medications, from chesty coughs to dry and tickly coughs.  Getting information on mucus or other symptoms of your cold or flu will help you pick the correct medicine.

Types of cough

Coughs are classified as dry or chesty. Dry coughs often occur following colds, which cause the throat to become inflamed. The cough is non-productive without phlegm and occurs as a reflex action as the body attempts to remove the swelling. By contrast, chesty coughs produce phlegm as the body tries to clear it from the respiratory passages.

Causes of cough

Coughs may be caused by the common cold and various other respiratory tract infections such as influenza, laryngitis, bronchitis or pneumonia.

Treating coughs

Most coughs can be treated easily with over the counter medicines. Benylin UK produces a variety of remedies for different types of coughs for both adults and children.

For dry coughs there is Dry Coughs (Original), containing the anti-histamine diphenhydramine which suppresses the cough reflex and dries secretions as well as causing drowsiness.  Dry Coughs Blackcurrant contains glycerol and sucrose to soothe inflammation and irritation.

Benylin UK produces Chesty Coughs (Non Drowsy), which contains the expectorant guaifenesin and decongestant levomenthol. Night Time Mucus Cough also contains diphenhydramine to aid sleep.