Mother's car seized after insurance blunder

By Dan Santy Friday 12 October 2012 Updated: 12/10 09:00

A MOTHER has spoken of her anger at being pulled over and having her car seized by police following a blunder by her insurer.

The mistake by Tesco meant Genevieve Goodall's car registration had been recorded incorrectly - and when this showed up on the police database she was spotted and pulled over outside the Baptist Church on Regent Street.

With her worried 13-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter watching on, a confused Mrs Goodall was made to sit in the back of the police car before being told her vehicle was to be seized because she did not have any insurance.

It was only afterwards when she contacted Tesco she discovered the wrong registration number had been written down on her documents, meaning her insurance was invalid.

The error cost the freelance seamstress and fitness instructor three days' work and she had to pay £170 just to have her Nissan Almera released by police.

The Furrow Close resident said the mistake had left her angry and insulted, particularly because she had reported a number of cars in her neighbourhood for having no tax - only for nothing to be done about them.

She said: "The police were only doing their jobs and I don't disagree with that, but to come after me, somebody who is innocent, while doing nothing about the illegal cars I reported makes me so angry.

"It was awful. I was sitting in the police car and I had to ask them to go to see my children and calm them down. They thought I was going to prison.

"I was just stunned. If I'd been guilty of anything I would have been bricking it, but I'd done nothing wrong so I didn't know what was happening when they pulled me over.

"And for Tesco to make such a mistake when I have paid them a lot of money is unforgiveable."

At first Ms Goodall thought she would have to go to court to contest a £200 fine for driving without insurance, but this was resolved after Tesco's error was discovered.

But Ms Goodall is still upset since Tesco only offered her compensation of £100 - which she says does not cover the trauma she was put through or even the costs incurred by her lost work.

She added: "When I first spoke to them they told me they'd cover all costs, so for them to know turn round and offer me this is very annoying.

"I'm going to keep on at them, and I certainly won't be insuring my car with Tesco again."

Tesco Bank apologised for the mistake and said it had provided Mrs Goodall with a letter of idemnity confirming her insurance was valid when she was pulled over by the police.

A spokeswoman said: "As an apology and to cover any travel expenses our customer may have incurred we credited £100 into her account. We will also reimburse Mrs Goodall for the impound costs upon receiving the receipts."

She added they were still waiting for Mrs Goodall to send them the receipts for having her car released.

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