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Tornado hits homes and flattens trees

By Dan Santy 25/04 Updated: 26/04 15:57

Buy photos » A tree in Glebe Crescent is uprooted. Photo by Jamie Gray 17.012.043.rug.jg1

A TORNADO swept a path of destruction through a small part of the town yesterday (Wednesday) - ripping up roof tiles, felling trees and knocking down telephone poles.

The mini twister struck at around 6pm last night on streets off Lawford Road and Bilton Road. Eyewitnesses reported seeing roof tiles and even glass from a greenhouse swept up into the funnel cloud before being hurled to the ground.

Since last night's powerful gusts, the Met Office has confirmed it was a tornado that hit Rugby, while Warwickshire Police released a statement saying nobody had been injured by the tornado - which lasted just a few seconds.

Pictures show the winds were powerful enough to uproot tress - and some reports suggest cars were moved and people were forced to cling on to lamposts while it lasted.

One house on Adam Street had part of its roof ripped off, such was the force of the gusts.

Father of two young children Colin Reed was at home in Glebe Crescent when the tornado struck.

He said: "Bricks and stones started being chucked at the living room window. At the time I wasn't actually sure what was happening.

"Then it seemed like the back door was going to be put through, and all our fences were knocked over. It was a bit upsetting as we had to leave and stay at a friend's house for the night.

"We've got four big holes in the roof and were worried about water leaks. I've had to take the day off to sort things out with the insurance."

A Rugby Borough Council spokesman said homes on Glebe Crescent, Lawford Road, Wentworth Road and Buchanan Road were affected.

Caldecott ward councillor Bill Lewis said: "A number of parts of the town were affected and one of these was a group of sheltered houses at the junction of Wentworth Road and Buchanan Road.

"Roof and ridge tiles were blown off, garden fencing was blown over and TV aerials were bent and twisted or blown off. One elderly resident thought her house had been hit by lightning.

"According to eye witnesses the tornado suddenly appeared and only lasted a matter of seconds. Roof tiles were ripped off and thrown to the ground with such force they were embedded into the grass verges.

"One young girl walking along the footpath said she had to cling to a lamp post to prevent herself being blown over. A man also walking along the footpath carrying an umbrella was spun around by the force of the wind.

"A glass house was smashed with one shard of glass embedding itself into the tyre of a mobility scooter. It was lucky no one was injured by the blown tiles, glass and debris."

After the tornado people were forced to call in roofers to repair the damage, with some finding water leaking into their lofts as a result.

This morning (Thursday) residents and council staff are now working to clean up their streets and fix the damage done by the twister.

According to a police spokeswoman the County Buildings Inspector was called in to assess the structural damage done to the affected homes.

Insp Darren Webster of Warwickshire Police said it was amazing nobody had been hurt.

Tornados form when there are thunder clouds in the skies, as there were in Rugby yesterday.

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Buy photos» A tree in Glebe Crescent was uprooted during the tornado. Photo by Jamie Gray 17.012.043.rug.jg2

Buy photos» Roofers are called shortly after the tornado to repair damaged tiles. Photo by Jamie Gray 17.012.043.rug.jg5

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