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Tornado hits homes and flattens trees

By Dan Santy 25/04 Updated: 25/04 21:08

Buy photos » A tree in Glebe Crescent is uprooted. Photo by Jamie Gray 17.012.043.rug.jg1

A MINI tornado has damaged homes and knocked down trees around Lawford Road and Bilton Road, reports suggest.

Eyewitnesses have posted on Twitter and Facebook this evening (Wednesday) saying fences have been knocked down and tiles pulled off roofs in a small area of the town by the twister.

Unconfirmed reports also suggest cars have been moved by the mini tornado - which struck at homes on Glebe Crescent and nearby streets between 6pm and 6.30pm.

Father of seven Scott Saunders, who lives off Lawford Road, said his garden fence had been levelled by the twister and had caused a water leak in his home.

Posting on Facebook, Joanne Lawrence wrote: "It's ripped up most garage roofs, wheelie bins are everywhere and cars have some damage too, some chimneys have come down, it's a mess."

More to follow.

Buy photos» A roofer takes pictures for insurance. 17.012.043.rug.jg3

Buy photos» Fence panels are blown over during the brief storm 17.012.043.rug.jg7

Buy photos» A tree in Glebe Crescent was uprooted during the tornado. Photo by Jamie Gray 17.012.043.rug.jg2

Buy photos» Roofers are called shortly after the tornado to repair damaged tiles. Photo by Jamie Gray 17.012.043.rug.jg5

Buy photos» A trampoline is thrown from one garden to the next. 17.012.043.rug.jg6

Buy photos» Roof tiles are ripped away. 17.012.043.rug.jg4

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