Faulty hip joint led to years of pain

By Dan Santy 15/03 Updated: 15/03 10:09

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A WOMAN who suffered years of pain from a faulty hip replacement is suing the firm which made the artificial joint.

Eileen Lloyd was given a metal hip joint made by DePuy in October 2008, and suffered extreme pain in her groin for over two years afterwards until a surgeon finally got to the bottom of her problem.

It emerged the 75-year-old had been given a faulty joint. The metal on her hips had been grinding together, causing the surface to wear away and releasing tiny particles into her blood stream.

Six months later the joint was removed and replaced with a new one - but after six weeks this dislocated due to a fault in the DePuy joint's movement, giving her yet more pain and requiring another operation at Warwick Hospital to correct.

Retired nurse Mrs Lloyd, of Lower Hillmorton Road, is one of a number of people to have launched a claim for compensation after DePuy recalled a batch of 10,000 faulty replacement hip joints given to patients between 2003 and 2011.

She told the Observer: "The pain was so bad and would keep me awake at night - it was really traumatic. I did not feel like my own self at all for a long time and nothing seemed to be getting better for me.

"The last thing I thought about through all this was compensation, but I think other people should know what can happen when things go wrong like this.

"It has also cost us a lot of money. My daughter has to come and help me two or three times a week and my husband has had to take time off work."

Mrs Lloyd, who has also had a knee replacement, is now recovering slowly and is walking on crutches but still needs help getting around over three years after getting her first hip replacement.

She said: "I was in such extreme pain straight after the surgery. I had to take very strong painkillers every day which meant I was drowsy and unable to do anything.

"I used to love going out shopping with my daughter but now I’m practically housebound. I try and avoid walking as much as possible as it causes me so much pain.

"All the things I loved to do have been taken away from me and I need help with such basic tasks like washing myself. The whole ordeal has left me feeling very low."

Around 93,000 people worldwide are thought to have received a faulty DePuy hip replacement, and all could now be suffering with similar side effects.

Representing Mrs Lloyd, Nisha Sharma, partner at solicitors Russell Jones and Walker, said: “Some DePuy patients like Eileen have already received letters advising them of the make and model of their hip, but there are still many patients who have no idea about the issue.

"I would advise anyone who thinks they have a DePuy hip to get in touch with their surgeon or GP straight away."

A statement issued when the joints were recalled by David Floyd, president of DePuy, said: "We are committed to assisting patients and healthcare providers by providing information through multiple channels and paying for the cost of doctor visits, tests and procedures associated with the recall."

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